It's (was) my birthday!!

Last Thursday was my birthday. Not a whole lot happened. A few days before I got a box of books from my dad via Amazon. I sent him an email with a list of what I wanted and he chose these four:

They're all Nora Roberts (who knew I'd end up on such a huge NR kick!) 

The Witness (Looooooved this book, will read again for sure)
Books 2-4 of the Bride Quartet series. 
2: Bed of Roses
3: Savor the Moment
4: Happy Ever After

1 was Vision in White

I'm almost done with the first three books he got me. I'm on Happy Ever After right now and will probably finish it tonight or tomorrow.

My dad and my aunt sent me a birthday card. My dad also put $50 into my account and my aunt sent a $25 check with her card. <3

J got me a 4oz bottle of my new favorite top coat Essie and I can refill the little bottles now. 
He got me glow in the dark nail polish
Along with glow in the dark para cord bracelet 
He also got me a purple caboodle case for when we travel and I like to bring my nail polished around

So that's the extent of my birthday gifts. I didn't get a card from my mom or my birthday. I didn't get a birthday card from her last year so I wasn't going to send her anything and I didn't. So once again same thing for 2015. Well I do care  to send her cards if she doesn't care? 

She didn't call me on my birthday. Her and my brother left notes on Facebook. No call or text. 

Work didn't do anything. A few people said happy birthday. There was no group signed birthday card. There no cake. I should have asked for the day off then people. They do birthday stuff all the time. But whatever. 

After my four shift at work, J and I went to Outback for my birthday dinner. We were seated right now I'd ordered an alcoholic drink with my order and so I was carded. He said happy birthday. Ordered our food, ate the food, needed a box for my food so as as I was done.... They were right there to give me a birthday ice cream chocolate sundae with a candle in it. And they sang some version of a birthday song. It was completely unexpected and I really enjoyed it. 

We came home after that and didn't do anything else related to my birthday. We both had Monday off and I would loved to have gone to Busch Gardens. Instead we sat here and did nothing. 

J didn't arrange for a cake this year like he did last time. So no one bought or made me a cake. So I bought myself a cake. Cause I'm depressing like that. 

So then I also just spent $52 at for a ton of stuff. There's my birthday splurge.

That's a bag of 16 sun safety products. They're all like deluxe samples. Then I picked out an additional 4 free samples. I bought some $5 hand soaps and a $5 oil blotting sheets. 

That made it for free shipping now plus I added my sephora 2015 birthday gift to my order.

There's a link that shows the free gifts for 2015, I went with th Peter Thomas Roth set since I'm more likely to use it over the lip pencils. 

This was a huge splurge for me and none of it nail polish!!! But birthdays are for spoiling someone and I didn't feel spoiled. I actually felt ignored for a ton of people. Work and family people.

I will start sending my mom cards again this year to see if that makes her get me a card for my birthday next year. She didn't send one last year either. And I'll stop with the cards and gifts I do give to people on their birthday. 

This is why I hate birthdays. It feels like I'm stuck in that sweet 16 movie. I felt that way in 2006 when my dad and grandfather and I drove to NC for a family reunion. I spent a day with these people and no one told them anything. Including my dad. After we got in the car I told him how I felt. He apologized. But I don't think we didn't anything after that for it. 

J and I have been very generous to his and my families and we don't get the basics back. We've had so much money borrowed and only small parts of it gets paid back. We did free rent and cheap rent and now we're paying rent, rent that is 3x what we asked for at our house. In the beginning we were supposed to get $300 from our brothers but that didn't work very well. But the $300 included own bathroom, working dryer, use of (laundry and dish) soaps, paper towels (you had to buy your own TP), could use my dishes, good internet. So our $300 rent doesn't include our own bathroom and they broke our dryer and so there isn't a working dryer anymore and despite Darlene telling me to buy one, it's not going to happen. 

It's depression and I feel like we get walked over, ignored and taken advantage of. I feel like now that we don't have any money, that we get ignored for things. 

I have to go to sleep. Here's my happy birthday nails. 



Sometimes I'm cold.

Most of the time my body is comfortable or cold. Comfortable is great, you know. Cold is fine too. I can just cover up and I'm great then too. But then sometimes I get painfully too cold or painfully too hot. I rarely am "comfortably warm or hot."

When I'm too hot, I get migraines and then I throw up. I do not like it when I get too overheated. I've been at work and stood in the walk in cooler to cool down because throwing up is bad. Like I can walk around outside in the heat and can be fine (most of the time). But if I'm in a hot house, my body just reacts badly. I guess when I'm outside in the heat, I'm usually active and my body temperature might not get as high, whereas if I'm sitting still and it's hot, my body temperature might get too high. 

Then sometimes my body is just so cold, I can feel it in the bones and it hurts. I'm like that tonight. Last night too. I was in the shower last night for about 30 minutes just standing under hot water and kept turning it up. I couldn't get myself to warm up. And tonight, same thing. The cold felt like it was in my bones. The house AC blows on me, on my side of the bed and it doesn't stop until about 9 or 10 pm so I got cold quickly and the AC wouldn't stop. The AC kicked off finally. But I never took the blanket off, I took my arms out from underneath the blanket. Then J got hot since the house AC wasn't on and the room AC wasn't on. So I turned it on and then realized it is also blowing right on me. I fixed that. I turned it to face him. Lol. 

I think the extremes bother me so much because of the fibromyalgia. 

I have my 6th RH (rainbow honey) order to blog about. I'll try to take better pictures tomorrow. I'm also going to take pictures of the stuff I want to sell or swap for. Like all the lotions, lip balms, lip scrubs, cuticle oils and balms and scented top coats. I have prices already in mind. And I just sold a polish to someone who I ordered two things from. I've got to print her shipping/tracking label. We'll see how bad I fail at this. 

I need sleep..

And now a cute baby goat! 


The fifth Rainbow Honey order.

 My 5th order was in March and that was the month that I skipped the subscription. So I included the March mystery bag in my order.

The first group is the large mystery bag, the second group was my other part of what I ordered, the third group are the free items that come with every large order and the fourth group were my freebies just for ordering.

Here's a comparison photo of the March mystery bags. The nail polish colors were Kozmic Blue, Lemon Honey, Crystal Sword and the nail care/body care products were Tea Biscuit scented top coat, Rose Macaron solid perfume and Petit Four perfume oil. The 3 scented items were sneak peeks at the scents for the La Patissiere collection that was released on April 18th. Part of what I ordered in April included nail polishes from this collection but I wasn't a fan of the scents so I didn't order any of those. I sort of like Rose Macaron but I only opened the mini one and probably won't open the large. 

Konpeito! $10 value (but was the March LE color so it was free with my order. March is their birthday month and 2015 was their third birthday and every year they release a nail polish color for this and this was the color for 2015)
Kitsune $7 (part of the original The Yokai collection from 2012)
Bakeneko $7 (part of The Yokai collection but this was new to 2014, there were 3 new colors added to this collection in 2014)
Deep Heart Sea $10 (this was originally in a mystery bag from July 2014 and was released as part of the Hearts collection from February 2015)
Cutie Pie mini $5 (part of the Sweet Talk collection)
Lovebug mini $5 (part of the Sweet Talk collection)
Be Mine mini $5 (part of the Sweet Talk collection and I now have all 6!)

Keep Believing cuticle oil $8 or $12 value (this was free with my order and this scent is on sale for $8 but cuticle oils are generally $12)
Lemon Sorbet scented top coat $6 (this was released in a bliss set and I liked the scent in January so I ordered the top coat, I already have the lip balm, lip scrub, soap and the scented nail polish)

Here is a swatch of Konpeito! over Zoya... I can't remember the name of this black creme. But I love love LOVE Konpeito! It's similar to the polish they released March 2014 but I think this one is a thousand times better. It has mini baby stars versus bigger stars in 2014's All My Stars and it had a mix of bright and pastel stars and larger circles and squares whereas Konpeito! has all pastel stars, smaller squares and smaller hexes. I love it. I ordered a backup in my April order.
I have a Wet N Wild star polish that has the bigger star polish and is silver and it was a huge pain in the butt getting those stars on. I had to dab them all on there whereas with Konpeito! I always had stars on my brush. My first swipe had just one star but after that it was multiple stars. 

This is the Sweet Talk entire nail polish collection.

Lovebug, XOXO, Cutie Pie, Be Mine, My Girl and Sweet Talk.

Sweet Talk

My Girl 

My 4th Rainbow Honey order.

This order was placed in Feburary. I still have March and April before I'm caught up. And I haven't received my April order yet, it was just shipped Saturday. 

I can't find my order slip from this month so I'm going to look on the RH website. I ordered:

Summer Juice cuticle balm $4 (but then I found out that Pomme Rouge [my favorite scent] cuticle balms were still being sold and also for $4 so I emailed to switch it out)
Sweet Talk cuticle balm $5 (this was part of the Sweet Talk collection that was released in February)
Two Pomme Rouge cuticle balms $4 value (I had asked to just switch it but Carolyn sent me two of them as part of my gift with this order)
Tiny Ruby mini $5 (this was part of the Summer of 199x collection)
Sweet Talk mini $5 (Part of the Sweet Talk collection and the polishes were all rereleased whereas the body care products were new this year, this collection has 6 polishes)
XOXO mini $5 (Sweet Talk collection)
My Girl mini $5 (Sweet Talk collection)
Tessellate $7 (this was in the Last Call section but I don't remember what collection it was from)
My Love $10 (this was a LE from 2014? And was rereleased in a Hearts collection which consisted of 5 polishes, 2 rereleases, 2 from previous mystery bags and 1 new one)
Heartless $10 value (this is the new one for the Hearts collection and was the February LE one that was free with orders $50 or more)
Tessie $5 but this bottle is $10 value (this is also from The Summer of 199x collection and I already have a full size bottle but I love this color so I wanted a backup and ordered a mini but was gifted a FS)
Kawako $7 (this was from a collection called The Yokai and was part of the original 3 colors from 2012)
Fire spring $7 (part of The Summer of 199x collection I now have 7 of this collection and the 3 missing are Lanterns, Lumine Hall and Pink Cloud)

My order total was $65 so I also got the February mini mystery bag as a gift which is a $10 value. So with my $65 order I received $32 worth of free product, I'm counting the upgrade on Tessie. The mini bag value was $15 for polishes and $15 for the body care products I think. I'm including a picture of the FULL SIZE mystery bag because I don't have a picture of the mini. I just wanted to remind people which bag it was. 



Here's some pictures of our porch. First I'll show ones I took last year, then I'll show what it looked like today before and then I'll show my progress picture. I won't call it an after yet because there are still boxes I want to get rid of. And I want to sweep. 

June 2014:

April 25th 2015 before:

Then here is how the porch looks currently. 
April 25th 2015:

That stack of four boxes... Will be gone next weekend. Maybe I'll even deal with the big box by the sliding glass door. 

Things I want to do still?


-Get rid of the five boxes. 3 can go in the recycling bin next weekend. Then there are 2 that have stuff in them. I could probably put the smaller boxes content into the big one. 

-Put my computer chair out there and a table possibly. I want to be able to sit out there and read a book or paint my nails. I know my computer chair is easy to get to but I don't know if my old desk is easy to get to. The computer chair was a gift from my dad in 2001 and now it's dirty but I'm thinking I can get it clean enough to sit on. I probably won't bring it to our future new place (whenever that is). 

-Wash the blankets and put them in the closet and in the barn. There's 2 out there and I want the thinner one in the closet and the quilt in the barn. 

-Try to get rid of the duffel bag and yugioh cards. That's J's job though. 

-And finally I want to clean the plant table and the surrounding area. I want to get new soil and give my plants some fresh soil and some fertilizer. And maybe buy one or two more plants. I have that big purple planter available (the plant is just sitting in there in its own planter) and then I have 2 pink planters in the barn. I might put the palm tree into the bigger purple planter to see if it grows bigger. 

So those are my plans for the porch this spring!