I want to be asleep.

I took my pills 2 hours ago. And I have to wake up in 5 hours. Why am I still awake? 

I really miss us having our own place and it's still weird that we're not in our own place anymore and that nearly everything we own is in a barn. We're not even saving any money. I don't get it. 

I have to figure out what I'm doing with my car. My insurance was due the 12th. I've been emailing someone at my insurance company about lowering my coverage since the car isn't being used. It also sucks not having my own car either.

Pity party for 1 here.

This has been a weird year. We couldn't find a new place. We moved in with his parents. He quit his job. My car broke. He hasn't found a new job yet. He even said he would go back to the old one but they never called back. He's now part time at his current job. 

On the plus side, I haven't called out of work this year at all. I've not had any medical problems. I've wanted to call off but I'm like must work all the days and all the hours and make all the money and not save any of the money. It really sucks. 

I want to sign up for a nail polish subscription and I can't even justify the cost because we're so poor right now and yet he spends all the money. Why can I not say eff it and do it? Why must I feel guilty for wanting to spend money on myself when he does it all the time? I don't want to buy cheap nail polish anymore. I want to splurge on the good stuff. 



Brooke's and Walgreens.

We're at Brooke's. K and A are moving to Orlando tomorrow. And this is their goodbye dinner! I wonder if I can sneak and take a picture right now of everyone. 

Okay. Well it's not easy to take a picture of everyone without them knowing at my angle. Lol. So you'll have to settle for me and J. Oh. Did we take a July photo? I'll have to look into that. 

This past week hasn't been a good week for Walgreens in my area. Last Sunday a Walgreen's manager was carjacked when they went into to work at 430am ish. They had a gun. Then they went to Circle K and robbed them. But that time they shot witnesses. I know they found the car ditched but I don't know yet if the police caught the guys. I don't even know what the guys looked like. Then I think Thursday a guy bought a pack of gum and when the register opened the guy went to grab cash and the cashier tried to stop it? And the guy pushed the cashier aside and left? I don't know if he got money. No weapons used there. Then last night 2 employees were going to lock the doors for the night and a guy pushed his way in and demanded money. He got away with money and there were no weapons used there. In all 3 cases no one was hurt. Well I don't think in the 2nd case the cashier was hurt but they were pushed. 

It's crazy. It's all happened in the past 8 days. And all in my area. I know things happen all the time and all across the country. But it just sucks when it's in your area and so many things are happening. I hope nothing else happens and that everyone is safe. 

J and D and baby M left!!

Here's baby M before they left. He didn't notice me for a while then all of a sudden he was smiling all cute at me!!! 

I am so ready for food. But we're always waiting for people to come and so we wait. I am starving!! This happened during one of the World Cup games. We waited then I kept trying to tell the waitress I wanted food and it just wasn't happening. Then it finally did. And it was great. Lol. 



I am in a blah mood right now. And my hands are super dry. 


I'm reading a new book!

I've read 3 books since my birthday (May 21st) and I feel like I was reading them so slowly. I can usually read 2 books a month and I guess I was really that slow. Because 3 books in less than 3 months is okay. Well not really, for me. Haha. 

But I'm baaaaaaaaack! I started a new book on Monday. And I'm already half way through it. I'm reading it at home! I took a lunch yesterday just so I could read. That's what I've been doing though the last 3 months or so. 

The book I'm reading is Lisa Scottoline's Don't Go. 

It is so good so far. I've read several of her books already and she's a really good (okay really I mean great and awesome) author.



I have to wake up at 4am and be at work at 5am. I am supposed to be sleeping but IM NOT!!! I only have 5 hours to sleep at this point. Sigh. I took my pill about 2 hours ago. I am no where near sleepy.



I went to the dentist a few weeks ago. July 11th to be exact. So I don't have a cavity. But the dark spot is maybe a pre cavity? Or a spot where I lost a lot of minerals from the prescription and so I have to be careful and make sure it doesn't turn into a cavity because it can. The hygienist was rough with cleaning my teeth because supposedly they were bad. But she got all the plague and tarter build up so that's good. I have a prescription strength toothpaste that has more fluoride in it than non prescription toothpaste has, I think it's like 3 times the amount? I'm supposed to brush my teeth 3 times a day, twice with my regular toothpaste and then once with the prescription one. I'm supposed to only use it before bed and only a pea sized amount. I also ended up buying a rotadent toothbrush!! It was $100 but it's supposed to be the best electric toothbrush and I believe it. I had one when I had braces and used it for years. This one has a lifetime warranty on it so that's awesome. And it does a pretty awesome job it seems. You're not supposed to use toothPASTE with it, only gel toothpaste and the prescription one I have is a paste. The hygienist said it would be fine but I'm just using 2 toothbrushes with my 2 toothpastes. At this point, I figure it isn't a big deal. Lol. I have a dollar tree plastic tote that I have all my teeth stuff in and I just carry it into the bathroom when I brush my teeth. I have 2 toothbrushes, 2 toothpastes, a plastic container with dental picks, mouth wash and cups in there. I also have a cosmetic bag with picks, toothpaste, toothbrush and a small bottle of mouthwash in it that I bring with me wherever I go. I brush at work. If we're out, I might rinse in a bathroom somewhere. I don't brush 3 times a day all the time but I try to do something after I eat. I only eat about 2 times a day and I figure that's why I'm supposed to brush 3 times a day. 

I don't know if this will work but I am really hoping it does. She said that the prescription did this and that the toothpaste will remineralize my teeth so it seems like the medicine had zapped the minerals out of my teeth. 

As for the shifting thing, I have no idea if they shifted. She said they didn't have my old X-rays because they're digital now. I don't know why that's a problem! So what did they do with all the old files? Did they get rid of them? Is it a problem because they can't just hold the old ones up to the new ones and compare? I don't care. I feel like my teeth shifted enough that you could look at them side by side and see a difference. But what do I know.... 

They also were being difficult about my insurance. I don't want to say stupid... They said they didn't know what my insurance would cover or when my last X-rays were (I told you five times May of 2013) and they didn't know how many times my insurance will cover X-rays. It's definitely once a year and it's been over 12 months since my last ones so you're fine. They didn't do a complete set of X-rays, they only did a partial set. Just in case I would have to end up paying for it. Well my insurance did end up covering it. I got a detail letter saying what they paid for and so now when I go back to my 6 month appointment, they're going to say well we did partial X-rays 6 months ago so we still can't do a complete set. But I think my insurance covers X-rays twice a year. 

I didn't have much anxiety that day. 

Laundry day?

I am off work today and so it is the day of laundry. Maybe. I have so much that needs to be done that I just don't even want to get started. 

I've been eating a lot of salads lately and I try to have a salad before I eat anything now because usually it helps fill me up so I don't eat that much. But it isn't a proven scientific thing because sometimes I eat a salad and still am so omg starving and I still eat everything in sight. Or like today I eat the salad thinking I'll eat something else afterwards but the salad fills me up. I still haven't eaten anything other than the salad.

My salads are always boring too because I only like lettuce, cucumber, carrots, radishes, the purple stuff (eggplant?) and... I don't know... But I don't like tomatoes or olives. 

So I just buy the classic bag at Publix, Zesty Italian dressing and croutons. I buy the Texas toast kind that are either garlic and butter or garlic and cheese. They're so yummy. Anyways. Here's a picture of my salad from a few days ago! 

So... I guess I should work on laundry now. Sigh. 

Or maybe I'll keep playing on the iPad. Lol.


Other nail products I own. Lol.

I'm going to post more pictures of nail products I own. 

Here's Revlon's nail polish strips: 

That was a hard picture to take. The camera had flipped the picture sideways but I had the nail strips up and down like that. And I kept going in the wrong direction to make sure everything was in the picture. 

That one sparkles.


I'm not sure how much I like the designs but they're Revlon brand and were at the dollar tree so I figured I better buy them now or they'll be gone forever. 

Here are the various stickers I have 

And here are my nails with some of them on.

Now I gotta seal coat them in I hope. Then go to sleep. I have to be awake at 7 and I'm not tired.

I'd also like to add that the stickers? Were all really cheap too. That cat design I bought at Walgreens on clearance for either $1 or ¢.50 I can't remember. But at Hot Topic they have to exact cat design for $4.50. Some of the stickers came from nail kits I've bought on sale, then finally some ares I ordered from the www.bornprettystore.com it is an site. Everything is cheap. I love the nail products. Lol. Obviously, 

Did my nails.

So. I have this problem. I love any product that involves your nails. (You're probably thinking duh by this point...) I always want to buy everything. Sometimes I pay full price but a lot of what I own was bought at huge discounts. Or even free samples. 

A few years ago I bought 2 packs of Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strips. At work. They were on sale I think buy one, get one 50% off. I really wanted the skull and crossbones design and then my second choice was the butterflies you saw a few weeks ago. 

I used the skull and crossbones right away. The package comes with 16 nail strips (which the Sally Hansen ones are real nail polish) and they come in two little sealed packs and each one has 8. (I think my numbers are correct.) I saved the extra skull and crossbones in a bag all these years and then sometime in the past year I put them into a little plastic container. I never opened the butterflies package until this year. I used 2 nail strips out of a pack of 8 and then put the rest into a ziplock bag.

Then last night I wanted to just play around with the various nail strips and stickers I have. (I have a ton!) I have the 2 I mentioned, plus some purple ones that were samples from work and 2 packages of this black and white plaid design that I bought at Dollar Tree. I think that's it from the Sally Hansen line. 

I've really liked how they work so... Last night I started opening up everything. I tried the old opened ones AND THEY'RE dried out. I was so upset, lol. So I only could work with the purple ones and the plaid design. 

I did this set up on both hands: 

Except on the right thumb nail, I cut out a small rectangle from one of the plaid ones and stuck it on the nail over the purple. I was going to cut out more and put them on all the nails in some sort of pattern. Well I hated how it looked. 

I made so many mistakes last night but I didn't care. I was just playing around seeing what worked and didn't work and practicing with the nail strips since I have so many and haven't used them that much in the past. I have tip wear already because I had trouble filing the edges off. On the right pinky nail by the cuticle there's a big chunk missing. The edges on some of the nails aren't stuck down all the way or they're not the right size and so the edge doesn't go to the finger which means there's a gap there too. Or too big and the edges go over the nail. 

But it looked decent enough that I was going to go to work with it and take it off tonight. It was truck day today and I knew I would mess my nails up anyways.

Buuuuuuut I got so many compliments on my nails today that I couldn't believe it. I was like but I made so many mistakes, they're not perfect, I don't like them. Because of all the compliments though, I decided to leave them on another day and to also show everyone what they looked like!

Plus share my lovely boring story with everyone. Haha. If you're still reading this without caffeine, I'm sorry. 

I also tried these Loreal nail lingerie over the purple strips but it wasn't working. I'll try them again. They're just stickers and are clear with a design on them. Loreal says they can be worn alone or over your nail polish. I liked the idea of wearing it over nail polish. It would be easy nail art. But I was having trouble filing down the edge. They're removeable so off it went. 

That's how the Loreal stickers come. Oh look, there's the thumb nail I didn't like. I'll take a picture of how the nail sticker looks on the nail. 

It's a clear background so you can see your polish (or polish strip) color so it's a great idea. Except I cut the end off and then tried filing it down. Didn't work, I'll try again though another day since these won't dry out. Dollar tree had 2 designs of these and I bought each design. 3 packs of this one and 2 packs of another one. I'm too lazy to get out of bed and get the other pack to show you. Maybe tomorrow? 

But that's the awesome story of my crappy manicure that everyone else loved. 

I've taken the last 3 pictures with the iPad and am really enjoying it so there's another picture. That's all my leftover nail strips that I can't use. I wanted to see if I could use them with clear nail polish. Like paint my nails and stick it on there and then paint over it. 

That's the sealed packages I have left. Maybe next week, I'll use those 2 designs together, but when I do I'll lose out on 6 strips. Sad face! 

Well I'll end this super long post now! 



I got my domain name to work. Now when you go to www.velvetfrogg.com, you'll see this page. But not velvetfrogg.com. I don't know how to do that. Lol. I could probably figure it out tonight but I'll worry about that later. I'd rather work on how the site looks and edit my old entries. I want to fix the typos! They drive me nuts. But that will also take time. Lol. So for now... I'm just going to enjoy the fact that I have a working domain name. 

To celebrate I want a caramel frappuccino from Starbucks. Yum. 

I had one the other day at work. It had a pretty straw.



ADD much?

I feel like I have ADD sometimes. Not true ADD because I didn't have it as a child and to have it as an adult, you have to have had the symptoms as a child too and I know I didn't. But I definitely have the symptoms now. It could be from one of the medicines I'm on or something else causing it. I do want to bring it up to my doctor next month. I use to be able to sit and read a book for hours. I could sit there and watch a TV show straight through. I would leave a room and remember what I went there for. I could go in that room and not get distracted by 10 other things and then do what I wanted to do. 

Now??? I can't read at home anymore. I bring a book with me everywhere though and I read before work, on my breaks, in the car on the way to somewhere or before an appointment. Which is good that I'm able to read during those times but I really miss reading at home. But I can never focus.

When I watch a show, I pause it a thousand times to check my phone, to get up for something, to check something on the Internet. Then I get distracted some more and 20 or more minutes go by and I  haven't gone back to the show. 

I'll start a blog post and it'll sit in my drafts because I got distracted and never went back to it. I made up a schedule for myself but I never follow it. 

Before at the house, I would say okay, I'm going to get up and I am going to sweep the kitchen then mop it. I would get up grab something to take to another room. Then I would set that down and start a load of laundry. I would then go back in the bedroom closet and put away all the clean clothes. Then I'd clean the litter box because it was in the laundry room and while I was in there to start the washer, I'd realize it was dirty. I'd put the dirty litter into the trash and have to take out all the trash. So I'd empty out the laundry room can, the 3 bathroom trash cans, I would go through the wash collecting our trash that hadn't made it into a can yet and then take it all outside. I'd then go back inside and do the same for recycling. Oh it's garbage night so I'd take the cans to the street. Go back inside. I'd think man, I need a break! I'd sit down and do something Internet related. Oh it's time to put the clothes in the dryer. So now while I'm up, I should wash some dishes. Wash dishes then wipe the counters down. THEN I'd remember that I wanted to sweep and mop the kitchen. And it's now like 2 hours later. I'd sweep the kitchen and think oh I might as well sweep the laundry, front entry way and our bathroom and I'd do all that. I would then maybe mop all those areas or some of them. It was hit or miss by then. I could end up getting a lot done but I didn't do it in the order I wanted and it wasn't like okay, these are the things I need to do, no matter the order. That would be okay. But if I get up to do one specific thing I want to be able to just do that. I don't want to get distracted by a thousand things possibly never getting to my original thing. 

I can't remember (lol) what the other symptoms were but not being able to focus and getting easily distracted are my biggest annoyances. The other things aren't as bothersome to me, if at all. 

I know I should have more free time now compared to when we were living at the house because now I'm not responsible for cleaning an entire 2200 sq ft house myself but I feel like I have NO TIME. I come home after work and then when it's bed time, I feel like I ran out of time. And it's not even anything important that I'm not doing. I'm behind on TV shows, I'm not reading my book, I'm not working on my blog, I'm behind in reading my blogs and forums. So it's definitely unimportant stuff but I seriously am at a loss at the end of the night where all my time went. But at the house, I would clean the house and then still have time to read my stuff or watch my shows and I wasn't behind on anything. I have way more free time now but no time at all.

My appointment with my primary care doctor is August 26th and hopefully I have the courage to talk to him about this! 

Does anyone have advice or tips for this? I feel like I should have a notebook or a clipboard with paper hanging on the wall that I can just jot anything and everything down. Then I can look at it and see what I want to do or need to do and just cross stuff off when I do it. If I need to remind myself of something, it'll be there and I'll see it every time I look at the paper. I have a little notebook on my night stand that I do write in sometimes but it's for stuff like appointments or phone numbers but not a running list of everything in my life. One of the ALFs that I deliver to is really busy at the front desk. Each phone has a notebook or a stack of scrap paper. They have to write everything down. If they get a phone call, they have to write down what's being said. Not word for word but like Sally, apt 101, plumber. Hang up, take another phone call. John, son of apt 305, billing. Hang up and deal with 3 people at the desk. Then they'll write up the work order for 101 and call billing and ask them to call John back. Then they cross off those things or throw the paper away. They don't have to save it or file it. But they're so busy that they can't take a chance of forgetting something. It seems like something I need to try. 

Okay, time to go. Gotta check on the clothes in dryer. Have a good night!



Is my new domain. It's not set up yet because I can't figure some stuff out. I don't know how to edit the DNS settings. Whatever. I'll try it again tomorrow after work. But either way, I'm excited that I purchased a domain name!!!!!

Laundry jar.

I was able to buy 4 bags of ALL detergent pouches for really cheap. On clearance and discount and coupons!! I think I paid $2 or less for them. I might have used Catalina coupons too. Well anyways. I wanted a pretty way to store them and then I could keep the pouch in the barn. 

It doesn't look really pretty at night. Lol. But it looks prettier than the pouches would look in the room. I might get something to tie around it or glue something. I could glue all sorts of nail studs to it. Lol