I used to reread books all the time but then I was able to buy all the new books I wanted and since there were always new books, I stopped rereading books. Then the past few months I couldn't buy as many new books as I wanted. So I've been rereading books. Except most of my books are packed in boxes. There's one box that I opened for some reason and it had books in it. So I reread a bunch of those. Now I need to find books to read and I'm going to have to just bring all my books up to the porch I think. Then I can just open them all and reread everything I own. Well most everything. I don't want to read textbooks. Lol, just novels. 

I need to also find the box that has my shadow falls books in it. I know it's labeled. It should be. But I want to reread the whole series. There's going to be a new book coming out I think next month. And I read everything last year so I "need" a refresher. 

Basically I need my books!


June's Mystery Bag from Rainbow Honey

Here's my large mystery bag for the month of June. It's going to be my last large bag for a while. I changed my subscription to a mini so that I could try out Ipsy for a while. If I don't like Ipsy then I'll go back to the large. 

The colors are pretty accurate. I'm not a fan of ice tea so I'm trying to sell the scented top coat. It smells just like ice tea with lemon to me. It's supposed to also have oranges but I didn't smell oranges. This will be released as part of the Summer Drinks collection that comes out next month. I really like Cuprum Veritas. It'll be a part of an upcoming (doesn't say if it's this year or next) precious metals collection! Thallo Bot is okay. I'm not a fan of frosts and this is a frost to me but RH calls it a metallic. This is part of the robot collection part 2 which comes out this year too. Then the final nail polish is Aqua Cristalina and it's a glitter topper. It doesn't say anything about it being a part of a future collection. 

The two non polish items are the Summer Juice soap and Islands in the Sky perfume mist. Both are new items. Summer Juice is an older scent but starting next month there's going to be a collection of Clear Scented soaps. The soaps come in 6 scents and everyone got a different scent so even if you saw spoiler pictures, you wouldn't know what scent you would get. The Islands in the Sky is a really nice scent and I like the perfume mist bottle. Also you can reuse the bottle which is really awesome and if I ever actually use it up, I'll be putting other perfumes into the bottle. The scent smells like parrot bay with pineapple in it. Yuuuummmmy. So good.....


My 6th AND 7th Rainbow Honey orders.

I ordered my 6th order in April and never posted the pictures. I skipped ordering anything in May but I placed an order for June and got it Monday so I'm going to post pictures of both orders today. I'll also take pictures of my June mystery bag when I'm done and get that up today too.

Here are April's pictures

In the first picture is everything that was in my order. The box has two cuticle oil brushes to replace my brushes that came in my Pomelo and Pomme Rouge cuticle oils. The brushes were stiff and I had emailed RH asking if there was something I could do to fix it. She said washing it with soap and water and then drying it off should help but just in case she would send some extra brushes in my order. She did! 

There's a Cranberry Sangria cuticle balm I ordered. They're on sale right now for $4 and I LOVE that scent. It was a freebie I received with my first order in November. I ordered the matching top coat but it was on back order so it shipped separately and included the cuticle balm. I had ordered a different cuticle balm plus received two cuticle balms with my December mystery bags but the Cranberry Sangria one has been my favorite and I've used it all up so I ordered a 2nd! 

The mini April mystery bag is there and was free with my order. They sell for $10 but are free with orders of $65 and above and the value of them are over $15. Three mini nail polishes are $15 ($5 each) plus whatever the value of the other items are. I love the cuticle oil and the polishes but I've sold both of the lip scrubs, the lip balm from the mini bag (I opened and tried the one from my large bag) and the mini Eidolon polish. The color is great but I knew I wouldn't need that much of it. I have a FS plus it's a dupe of a Sally Hansen LE color from a few years ago that I already have.

Now for the nail polishes!!! 

The top row:

Mint Flavor- I have and love this color so I ordered a mini back up BUT they sent me a FS instead. Awesome. 
Konpeito!- I asked if instead of getting an April LE (I didn't like either one) could I get this instead and they said yes! This color is now on sale for $7. I suggest you run out and buy this but you don't have to run far, just to your internet capable device. 
Explosions in the Sky- this was an older color, I think it's an older LE color. It's on sale for $7 and I don't know if I like it yet. 
Suu- In March they released 3 shades as part of the Vault Collection (older discontinued colors) and The Clover Collection was from 2014 and Suu was from that collection. Suu has a ton of holographic glitter in it. 

The bottom row:

These are all colors from the new La Patisserie collection. 

Macaron De Corail- Mini for $5. 
Pate De Pistaches- Mini for $5.
Rose Macaron- FS for $10.
Gelée De Fraise- FS for $10. They were running a promotion where you could get a free product from the new collection. I went with a 2nd bottle of this color. I love my pinks. Especially this shade of pink. I have so many nail polishes that are close to this shade. But I don't care. I want them all.
Cotton Candy Meringue- FS for $10.

June's order!

Last summer they introduced a collection called Summer Mixtape and it had 12 colors. There was side A and side B. I didn't really like any of those colors so I never ordered any of them. This summer they rereleased this collection PLUS 6 new colors called B sides. I loved all of those colors and that's what I ordered. The B sides were colors they had considered for last year and so this year, they decided to use them.

The first 6 colors in my picture are the B sides.

We're alone now
Bonus Track
My bestie
Blue Waves
I wanna love!

These are $5 for minis or $10 for full sizes. You can also order each collection of 6 as a group for $55, saving $5 or all 18 polishes for $160 saving $20. I didn't know if I wanted the Bonus Track color because there wasn't a close up picture of the bottle or a swatch but I figured just in case I did like it, I would order it as part of the 6 bottle collection. I'm glad I went ahead and did it. I like it!

The next two colors are the limited edition DUO for June. 

Sereia De Mar 

Every month they do one or two LE colors but there is one shade that is the default free color for orders over $50 but they couldn't decide which shade to go with so they decided to do a duo for the month. So every order over $50 gets both colors for free. Or you can buy them for $10 for one or $15 for both. 

My final bottle for this month is Lei Day which was the May LE color. I'll probably try this color out this weekend. 

My manicure right now is Gyrate and Sereia De Mar. Gyrate is REALLY neon and doesn't require a white base like so many neons do. It could be a one coater but I always do at least two and that's what I did here. Sereia De Mar is three coats.


The sunscreen that I said I liked from the sephora sun safety kit? It's $65 for a 2 oz tube. I can't afford that! I also was looking at my hands tonight and they just really are showing their age I think? Or sun damage. Idk. I think I'll also start applying sunscreen on my hands and maybe even my arms. My arms have a ton of freckles on them and I don't remember having that many freckles. I'm pretty sure I'm showing signs on sun damage. Or I'm paranoid. Either way, I'll be applying lots of sunscreen on ma body 4 days a week now. Well just my face, hands and arms because those are the only areas that is exposed when I'm on deliveries. And my cosmetics vest covers my arm down to the my elbow. I've been doing deliveries 4-5 days a week for FIVE years now. That's 4-5 days of sun exposure for at least 2 hours during the hours of 2pm and 6pm. 

I need to go to bed and stop thinking. 

Just apply the sunscreen! I have a ton of it now, lol. Not just all my samples but some in the car and some in various spots in our room including 1 in my purse! 



I signed up for Influenster last year but I wasn't very active on there. I created a new account last week and I'm going to try to be more active on it and hope that I get more boxes that way. But they give you surveys to see if they're going to send you something. And because I'm new, I have a ton of surveys right now. And OMG I've been answering questions for almost 2 hours. I started answering them on my phone on the way home and am still going. I was going to call my dad when I was done. But there's not an option to save and continue later so I just keep going thinking maybe soon, it'll finish. So far, soon hasn't happened. I think I'm just going to call my dad and finish later. I know that if I don't close the window for the website it won't lose my spot but I just figured there wasn't going to be a ton of questions.