I have a bunch of Sinful Colors nail polish (over 70 by now) and I'm thinking I could start comparing similar colors. I own a bunch of their colors that look almost identical to their other colors but then also some of their colors are dupes for other brands of polishes.

And the other thing I'd like to try to do with Sinful Colors is show what my favorite layering options are for colors and glitters. Sometimes I see pictures and I just think oh wow... That glitter top coat would have looked a thousand times better with a different base. So I would show several manicures in a post with maybe 2 creams and 2 or 3 glitters and show how they all look together.

For those two plans, I want it to be done with all Sinful Colors. But I do have a ton of other brands or polishes but I might try to bring them into the mix (mix being the blog!) somehow.

What would you like to see? 3 different posts in a week about this. Day 1: comparing Sinful's to each other? Day 2: showing how Sinful cremes and Sinful glitters look together? Day 3: something with other brands... Like showing possible dupes or what Sinful colors work well with other brands?

It's all just floating around in my head. My right hand nails are growing very well but I just broke the left pinky nail really badly (there was blood involved) and another nail is broke right now (I'm trying to repair it until it's past the finger) and I don't know if I'll want to photograph my left hand anytime soon but I can photograph my right hand just fine.

So let me know what you would like to see, I'm excited to see ideas.


Sort of back.

This is awesome.

If you like books and the song All About the Bass, you'll love this.



I'm taking a break from the Internet for a while. I'll still look but I'm not going to post. My Facebook though will be deleted.


Manic Mondays.

This could be about my MANICures or it could be about MANIC moods. Or both. 

We'll go with several manicure pictures that haven't been posted on here.

Here's some red from.... Day 1 of a 31 day nail challenge I never did. 

The idea there did not turn out the way I wanted. 



I need to write about this:

And this:

This too:

Maybe one day.


Big Lots softlips haul and a surprise in the mail!

The other day I was at work and needed some lip balm. I went to go buy my favorite kind, Softlips and we apparently had stopped selling them. I ended up buying Chapstick Mixstix and another Chapstick dual ended chapstick but I didn't like either of them. I didn't have my regular fruity or vanilla softlips lip balm because they had all melted in the car or had just disappeared during the move. As luck would have it... I ended up at Big Lots the following day...

Here's what I bought:

The jellybean one came in a single pack and was also a dollar like the flavor fusions up there. 

I went to another Big Lots today and bought 2 more packs for backups. I bought another jellybean and the combo pack of vanilla and birthday cake. I thought about buying the sugar cookie and cherry one too but decided 9 lip balms were good enough and I just need to remember not to leave them in the car anymore. 

Last Monday I received a small package in the mail from my dad. I had no idea what he had sent me but I was excited. I opened it up and there were a bunch of keys in it. I love skeleton keys and my dad had gone through his trinket box and found the keys and sent them to me. There was 4 skeleton keys and 1 key shaped keychain from NC. 

The large one at the end is now on my necklace. 

Oh and here's 2 pictures I took at Big Lots today showing all the lip balms they have.

I'm still tempted to go back and get some more backups. $1 and $1.50 for them is a great price. They're normally $3.99 for a single pack. I think I also want to get the strawberry and banana combo up there. I do like strawberry I'm just hesitant about the banana part. I'm also sorry they're so blurry, they were taken with my phone.


Super sleepy. + books.

I am tired. I was super hyper but I took my sleeping pill. Lol so now I'm falling asleep. I finished the book Three Sisters. It was really good. I recommend it. I wasn't sure what book to read next. I'm going with: 
I've had this book for over a year!! Maybe even 2. But I just would never read it. Then a 2nd one came out. I didn't buy it though but I was like well I need to get on this and read it. Now there's going to be a movie made for the home for peculiar children next year with it expected to be in theaters in 2016. So I figure I need to read it first!!!!! 

Some other books I've read recently are: 

The 3 flower ones called "In The Garden" trilogy and the first is Blue Dahlia, then Black Rose and lastly is Red Lily. Really good series. Dark Witch is number one of three but it was slow reading for me. I just couldn't get engrossed.... Then I finished the book after about 6 weeks of just reading it here and there. It did get better at some point but not enough that I'm going to start the next one just yet. But I will. I have the 2nd in the series and the 3rd comes out in I think October. 

I've read almost all of the books by Karen White. I love her books. This one is the last one in a series of 4. It was all very awesome. She mixes new with old. Like it could be an old house with ghosts and secrets. It could be old love letters. It's just awesome. All her books are like that.

I'm pretty sure I read these but my mind is drawing a blank on both of them. Uugggg!!!!! But I love Lisa Scottoline now almost as much as I love Karen White. 

I've read Cradle (it was slow reading too) and I think I read a soft place to land, started reading the orchid house but I think I got distracted by a different new book and didn't pick it back up.

These were awesome.

Come Home was great but I can't quite remember how Sister was.

Most of the books in that picture I haven't read, I read the garden of happy endings, memory thief, cradle, maybe I read a soft place to land and nothing in the top stack. I also started to read Castaways but didn't finish it either. I THINK these unread books are in a box labeled as such so I want to bring them into the house and start reading them so that I maybe don't buy as many new ones now. I bought 3 more on Friday I think. =) 

I just finished reading Susan Mallery's Three Sisters. It's a really good book.  I bought it over a year ago. The 3 new ones are Shadow Falls, Night Owl and Nora Robert's the perfect boyfriend. It is number 2 of 3 and I had 1 and 3 so I had to complete the series. Lol. 

Okay. Time to read about 3 pages and pass out. Maybe on Thursday I'll go through the barn and look for my unread books and make a post about them.

Does anyone have any recommendations for me?? When I get a large portion of my unreads done, I might buy Harry Potter and start reading them. What do you think??


Review: Olay fresh effects make up removal wipes.

ZOlay fresh effects make up removal wipes. I had a free sample of this from work and never used it as make up remover. But it was great at just cleaning my face and making me feel refreshed. When I do deliveries at work, I sweat a lot because it's 90 plus degrees while I'm doing them. And I end up feeling so dirty and these were great at making me feel better before I could get in the shower. I would also use them in the morning before work sometimes and it helped me feel better. It says it came with 7 but it seemed like there was more in it. Lol. I would definitely buy these even if I wasn't using them as makeup remover wipes. 

It's midnight.

I have to wake up for work in 4 hours. I should lay down. I tweaked my blog but I'm still not happy with it. I'll work on it tomorrow. I'm going to also put together a list of blogs I read. If you have a blog that you'd be to add and start reading... Let me know! I love new blogs.

If you think I know and read your blog, leave it anyways so I know you read here.

See you tomorrow and later in the week.

Everything should end with a cute cat picture. That was our cat food container. We're not currently using it. 


Nail polish remover review!

I don't know where to start with my love hate relationship towards nail polish remover. I've been pretty unhappy with them all. The ones pictured are the latest ones I've tried. 100% acetone is supposed to be amazing but... This one hasn't been amazing. It did the job but I've used other brands of 100% acetone and they've worked better than this one did. I don't remember why I bought the bottle of non acetone remover but it also wasn't great. Studio 35 is Walgreens brand and I love Walgreen's brand stuff but I'm not going to buy their nail polish removers again. The Sephora by OPI however WAS amazing. I bought it in a box set at Big Lots. The Sephora by OPI line was discontinued but I think you might still be able to find the set at Big Lots. It comes with a base coat, top coat and a purple nail polish. I haven't used the polishes yet. It was supposed to be $5 for the set but I paid $9. Huge sad face. Now when I see them, they're all marked $9 so I haven't bought anymore. If they were marked $5 I would buy more just for the nail polish remover. That's how much I loved it. It removed everything easily and didn't dry my skin out like the 100% acetone sometimes does. If you see the set for $5 like it's supposed to be, buy it for sure. I thought I would like the Zoya Remove + but... It wasn't as great as I was expecting. It was free with my last order from Zoya. As of right now, I don't have plans on buying it but I'll keep trying it to see if I change my mind.

I've saved the best for last. The pink thing with the animal print on it that says nail art?? It's a little jar of nail polish remover pads. I bought some last year from Dollar General. They were the L.A. colors brand and were scented. I don't remember what scent I started with. The scent isn't strong on them but they don't have a horrible smell either. So it's whatever. The one pictured is some other brand I picked up at Walgreens and they also come in different scents. The L.A. colors one are fruits and then the ones from Walgreens are either Jasmine or Vanilla I think. They're usually $1-$2. Some stores have them clearanced out and they are less than a $1 then. I buy lots of them at a time. They are great at removing nail polish. Glitter is still a pain in the butt but they still work for that. I don't mind the "work" that goes into removing glitter from my nails, I just really really really hate when the cotton (from whatever I'm using) gets snagged on the glitter. I used to pour the 100% acetone into the cap and just soak my fingers in it to remove glitter. I didn't care how bad that was me, I just really hate having the snagging. Lol. 

Anyways. I love the nail polish remover pads. They come in either 25 or 30 count and I'm not sure if they're supposed to be really thin or what but it seems like I can peel them apart and get more out of it? But I don't know if that's how they're supposed to be or not, I've never counted to see. Either way, they seem to last "forever". They're great for travel because you can just stick it in your purse or car. I've removed my polish several times in the car. It's less to carry since it's just that small little case and there's no need for a bottle of remover and whatever you use to remove the polish, cotton pads, cotton balls or even toilet paper. 

I don't know if these are airplane friendly or not. They could be since it's not liquid???? It's cheap enough that I would be willing to find out in the future. I wouldn't mind throwing it away if they said I couldn't bring it with me on the plane (since it could be considered a flammable material) but since it's not liquid, they might also not even notice it!! If someone knows, let me know. 

Some of the stuff that has happened today!

J decided to hang stuff today. Yay. So exciting. 

My skeleton key hook is back in action. I'm so happy about it. We couldn't hang up my new skeleton key hook though. Maybe later. He doesn't know where the drill bits are, he thinks they're in his dad's truck. 

My shelf is hung up!!! Hm. Maybe it should have been centered on the wall? Idk. The dresser isn't centered and we hung it to line up with the dresser. I need to get bookends now!! The stuff on the dresser really needs to be cleaned up. But I'm too lazy to deal with it. I always am like I have other things I want to do or I just want to sit here and do nothing. 

Here's a sort of close up of my books! I've read Don't Go and Red Lily. I'm reading Three Sisters right now. Oh and I read Return of Tradd Street too. Those 3 need to go in the barn actually and I have books out there that I haven't read yet that need to come back into the house. 

I went to the barn looking for our bug spray but I couldn't find it BUUUUUUUUUUUT I did find our toaster!!!!! I'm so friggin excited about this. Now I just need to find a place for it. Lol.

I'll probably clean up the top of the helmer and move one of the purple bins to it and then the toaster can go there. And I can buy toaster strudels now and waffles. I've been wanting waffles for a while now. I can buy bread and make toast. So excited. J says we can make grilled cheese sandwiches with the toaster too. I've never done that but I'll definitely give it a try. He said one time too that we could bring his new panini grill in here. And then use it to make cheese sandwiches. Mmmmm.... I am hungry now. But look at my pretty toaster! 

I also took down most of my magnets. I left 7 of them up there on the helmer and then I left all my Instagram magnets of course. 


I want to be asleep.

I took my pills 2 hours ago. And I have to wake up in 5 hours. Why am I still awake? 

I really miss us having our own place and it's still weird that we're not in our own place anymore and that nearly everything we own is in a barn. We're not even saving any money. I don't get it. 

I have to figure out what I'm doing with my car. My insurance was due the 12th. I've been emailing someone at my insurance company about lowering my coverage since the car isn't being used. It also sucks not having my own car either.

Pity party for 1 here.

This has been a weird year. We couldn't find a new place. We moved in with his parents. He quit his job. My car broke. He hasn't found a new job yet. He even said he would go back to the old one but they never called back. He's now part time at his current job. 

On the plus side, I haven't called out of work this year at all. I've not had any medical problems. I've wanted to call off but I'm like must work all the days and all the hours and make all the money and not save any of the money. It really sucks. 

I want to sign up for a nail polish subscription and I can't even justify the cost because we're so poor right now and yet he spends all the money. Why can I not say eff it and do it? Why must I feel guilty for wanting to spend money on myself when he does it all the time? I don't want to buy cheap nail polish anymore. I want to splurge on the good stuff.