Rainbow Honey Wednesday Manicure!

So Monday night I was painting my nail. There were so many stupid problems. I paint on a little TV table and I sit under the AC vent. Lately, the AC is almost always on. So the entire time I was painting my nails with Rainbow Honey's Delphine, I was messing up. It was getting stringy and it was clumpy. I finished the first coat. Got to the second and there were dog hairs in the first coat. Then there was marks, dips, nicks, dents, what have you, it happened. There were bugs flying everywhere, including into my face a few times. The table wasn't steady. I guess the legs were stuck in the grout line of the tile and so the table was wobbly when I did not need it to be. I flooded my cuticles a few to because of that. I finished the second top, put top coat on and called it a day.

Oh!! I also stuck my hand into the brush handle, where it's covered in paint. Got it all over my finger. There's still a dog hair somewhere on a nail.

The next day I painted thistle tresses on it. I loooooove this look.


3rd Rainbow Honey order.

I think I have seriously only bought 3 brands of nail polish since September. I have bought a TOOOOOOON of RH, some bottles of Loreal's Masked and then 3 bottles of Sinful. It's crazy. 

Oh I bought Zoya in November and January? So 4 brands. 

There's my January order. At the bottom is the Fallen Snow set. It had two polishes (full size), the light blue is Fallen Smow and the glitter is called Icelandia. It has a Fallen Snow perfume oil and Fallen Snow scented top coat (mini). The set also had a mini All Your Base base coat too but it was sent separately. This was $25. 

The 5 full size polishes at the top are: 

-Heisenberg (new feature called the vault where fans submit retired polishes to be brought back and fans chose Heisenberg) $10
-Snow and Lights (same thing as Heisenberg but this was a part of a set 3 that were LE's from January 2014 originally) $10
-Your Hand in Mine (same as the first 2 I mentioned and was part of the January 2014 trio) $10
-Icelandia (every order of $50 has a free limited edition polish, Fallen Snow was the automatic LE but you could switch it for Icelandia if you wanted and I choose it) $10 value but I got it free.
-Behemoth (this was the third in the Russian Literature theme and the other 2 were the polishes from the December mystery bag) $10

The 2 minis are:

-Diamond Dust $5
-Emerald Weapon $5 value but in January they had a promotion where you could get a free mini using a code

The two items with the heart stickers were gifts with my order. It's a full size Midori cooling gel and a mini Pomme rouge hand soap. Both were items from previous mystery bags. 

And then finally a mini mystery bag from January. $10 value but is free with orders over $65. 

My order was $70 I think and then I got over $25 worth of free items plus the Fallen Snow set was $25 but was worth over $30. It's stuff like that keep me going back over and over to Rainbow Honey.

I haven't taken any pictures of the new colors on my nails yet. I just have pictures of Diamind Dust and the January mystery bag colors which are previous posts. Here's a close up I took of the 6 full size colors I bought. Heisenberg, Fallen Snow, Your Hand in Mine, Icelandia, Snow and Lights and Behemoth. Apparently I like blue nail polishes. Okay who am I kidding, I LOVE blue nail polishes and when J proposed with a ring that had sapphires in it, I started having to buy all the blue polishes in the world. 


My teeth hurt. I need some mouth wash. And I don't know where my little bottle is. Payday is Thursday. I'll be buying a bigger bottle then. 
I might need to schedule a visit to my dentist before my 6 month checkup and cleaning. Sigh. That'll cost me for that visit. 

I just finished reading Sandra Brown's Mean Streak. It's really good, just like the other two books I've read by her. (Kreasy is making cute sounds in his sleep right now!) But it's kind of annoying how the women are falling over themselves into bed with men who they don't know and that seem like they're bad guys in the beginning of the book. All 3 books have had that some loose story line. By the end of the book the men aren't actually bad guys but the women don't know the entire story when they sleep with them. According to J's mom her books are popular at the high school. I'm not sure if the books are popular in the library (she works at the school library) or if the students have just mentioned they like her books. I read stuff like this in high school, stuff even worse but it's still unnerving that high school girls are reading this. I just hope they realize that if they wake up in a strange man's cabin with a concussion and have no memory of how the concussion happened, then they shouldn't end up sleeping with that strange man two days later. Especially if after that two day period, they don't know the guy's name and don't know exactly how they ended up with the concussion and at his cabin. But it was still a good book.

I have to work tomorrow at 2 pm so I should probably go to sleep at some point. 

I don't know what book I want to read next. I still have 4 unread books in here. Along with 5 books I've read that I brought into the bedroom from the barn with the intention of rereading. I have a pile of I read books somewhere, I just don't know where. It's really annoying.

I put glitter on my nails! I am really loving April's mystery bag. Swoon!

I need to do another coat of glitter then top coat then I need to sleep. 


Second Rainbow Honey order.

In December, J bought me some Rainbow Honey polishes and a scented top coat for a late Christmas present. 

Here is what he bought me:

Pomme Rouge scented top coat, Solider from the Final Battle line and from the Summer of 199x line he bought me Magic Cake, The Kraken and Tessie. I don't have any pictures of Solider but here's some of the other three. 

Magic Cake.

The Kraken and Tessie. I've used Tessie quite a few times already and actually bought a back up bottle in February. I bought a mini but they upgraded me to a full size!

April's Mystery Bag from Rainbow Honey.

I just got my April mystery bag and I am so excited for it that I am already posting reveal pictures. I think Rainbow Honey knocked it out of the park this month. At least in my opinion since I actually love everything. 

Even the paper and sticker designs are super cute.

And it's the same design that is on the packaging for the lip scrub and lip balm. 

Blue color is called Delphine, purple is eidolon and the glitter is thistle tresses. The cuticle oil is called pomelo and it's citrus scented. It reminds me of grapefruit. 

I love the colors, I love the scent of the cuticle oil and I love the scent of the lip balm and lip scrub. I will definitely wear the blue and the glitter polish way more than once and might even wear the purple polish one or two times. I also think the glitter polish will go great over both colors.

I really need to get batteries for the camera. 

The colors and the cuticle oil descriptions don't say anything about when/if they'll be released in the future. But the melon fizz ones do. They say that it's a fruity taste of a new line, inspired by summer drinks coming soon. I think that January's Dirty Mintini will also be a part of this summer drinks line. I guess we'll see. 

The mystery bag featured in this post was their full size bag and it's $25 a month, including the shipping. There is also a mini size bag that is $10 a month plus $3 for shipping. Or the mini bag can be free with purchases of $65. 

And now?? I have to go and remove my rainbow manicure to try out April's polishes.